Welcome to Sarswati Vidhyamandir School


'Work speaks louder than words.'

To prove this cliché once again true we have worked out our strategies for letting the baby Simigo grow to its apex glory. In our strategies there is enough space to accommodate the expectations and aspirations of the children and their parents. Simigo does not offer any new form of education, it just offers the education that suits the temperament of the children and they spontaneously get involved with the learning process in school as well as at home.

By bringing in hi-tech teaching aids, pleasant and inspiring school campus, inviting playgrounds and swimming pool, we offer very rich and varied spectrum to our learners to explore, experiment and grow in their natural way.

Simigo believes that even better can be the best. Its ambition lies not in the past or in the present but to a future where the great, grandchildren of the present students would happily want their own children placed in the school where they schooled, and where ethos and values currently displayed would still be unchanged.

Jai Parkash Mittal