Welcome to sarswati Vidhyamandir Convent School


The aim of Simigo International School is to impart quality education to its students. It will be our Endeavour to bring about all round development in your child.

The SMGIAN BOYS ABODE is the House of learning where students come and live. We render an environment of strictly English speaking, discipline and mannerism, the school nurtures the young generation with moral values, capable of shouldering responsibilities towards God, their country, family and neighborhood. There is a blend of Western and Indian culture.

While inculcating the social values among the SMGIANS, a proper care is taken that the students may develop physically and mentally. A proper schedule from the morning till evening is followed.

After the school, under the supervision of special teachers study periods are held. Even at night and in the morning Special Self Study Periods are held under the supervision of Warden.

Proper time is given to the students for the physical growth by playing Football, Basketball, Cricket, Badminton and Swimming.

Hostel comprises two Houses – Einstein and Alfred.

Children are examined at the beginning of each term by the School Doctor and the School Dentist. Reports of the examination are sent to the parents who require treatment. All medicines brought by the students from home are to be kept in the Sick Room and are taken by the students under the supervision of the warden. The school authorities reserve the right to refer a student to any specialist for treatment or operation when the need arises, and when time is at a premium. In all normal cases, the parents will be consulted before such action is taken.

We, the SMGIAN family by wiping a tear now and then share the students' little joys of life. As a gardener we paint the garden of their life by imparting knowledge with great care. Loving them for who they are and edging them to forge ahead. Celebrating every single success and helping them look beyond the dark clouds. Holding them up for the world to rejoice….. The beginning of better tomorrows.

Following our School Motto religiously "Silver Present for Golden Future" we replace the empty minds of SMGIANS with a storehouse of knowledge by making them to tread smartly to the Hi-Tech world as a SELF DEPENDENT INDIVIDUAL.

Joining us in SMGIAN BOYZ ABODE, "YOUR CHILD" will discover an absolute HIMSELF. So dear Parents trust us and lend your child's hand into our hand and let him have an experience of educational journey.


May your adventures bring you closer together, even as they take you far away from home!